Thu 3 & Fri 4 August 2017

Building a Better Future for Consumers, Advisers and Providers


The Conference 90-minute advice specific sessions are designed to provide in-depth insight and learning in key areas. We will add more information about the sessions and speakers shortly.

You can check out the one-hour Adviser Sessions below.

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How do you identify and consider all aspects of your clients’ pre-retirement planning needs? Hone your holistic planning approach in this practical workshop.

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Running out of ideas on how to generate returns for your client in the current low-yield environment? Look no further, as you learn about various options to capture real returns for your clients.

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Complaints are on the rise. What can you do in your mortgage business to reduce your risk, add value to your advice process and safeguard your client relationships?

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How are the lifestyles of Kiwis changing? What are the trends? And how will these impact insurance underwriting, your advice to clients and your business?



Get all the vitamins your business needs for a clean bill of Compliance health. Join us for this ‘answer-all’ session designed for all types of advisers.

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How do advisers demonstrate value to their clients and how can they both survive and thrive in this changing environment?

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What’s your role in advising and assisting first home buyers and accessing Government home ownership assistance?



The one-hour Adviser Sessions cover a broad range of business and personal productivity subjects of interest. We will update this page with speaker and session information as soon as confirmed.

Session One

Cecilia Farrow

Recruiting Top Talent for Your Business Future.

Session Two

Simon O’Connor

Financial Return and Personal Values – the Changing Consumer Attitudes to Responsible Investing.

Session Three

Ted Alexander

Global Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare.

Session Four

B Ivamy & A Hing

Client Estate Planning: What’s it got to do with me?

Session Five

Colleen & Ryan

The Value of Diversification in Adviser Businesses.

Session Six

Dr J Horan & S Paul

The Hidden Factors Behind Financial Decisions.

Session Seven

Carl Richards

Communicating Your Value as a Real Financial Adviser

Session Eight

B Ivamy & A Hing

Client Estate Planning: What’s it got to do with me? This session is a repeat of Session Four.

Session Nine

Jacob Wolt

Building a business ten times the size of what you now think achievable. A business with a great culture, a long-term sustainable future and not reliant on you. Now that’s a real business.

Session Ten

David Boyle

Advice is Dead, Long Live Advice!

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