The Adviser Sessions cover a broad range of business and personal productivity subjects of interest.

Session One

Ruth Christie

Are your conversations all talk? Find out how conversations rewire your brain chemistry and how to develop your conversations to achieve better results.

Session Two

Expert Panel

Hear from a panel of specialist speakers who will discuss the proposed regulatory changes and how to navigate through the upcoming developments.

Session Three

Don Connelly

This session is an in-depth look at the collective psyches of the best Advisers in the world. This is not just what they think. This is also what they do.

Session Four

Trevor Slater

What are the ramifications if your client is not telling you all you need to know or worse, not telling you the truth?

Session Five

Charles & Carissa

Carissa and Charles will give you their perspective on the power of ‘letting go’, recognising diverse views in the workplace, and the techniques and tools to get people’s ideas.

Session Six

Deb Bell

You won’t want to miss this opportunity, join Deb and acquire valuable techniques and knowledge of the “art of selling.”

Session Seven

Cheryl & Ben

Join Ben and Cheryl for an up-close look at how the place of the adviser has changed.

Session Eight

Specialist Lenders

Looking for alternatives to help your clients? Our panel of four specialist lenders will give you examples of typical clients and scenarios they can help you with on a daily basis.

Session Nine

Michael Harrison

The world is always changing! In this session, Michael reviews some of the major changes affecting advisers right now, both here and in Australia.

Session Ten

Bryan Ivamy

Gain a deeper understanding of the implications and potential issues for clients around providing finance to family and the ways of providing structure and assistance in this often emotive area.

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