We have an amazing line up of New Zealand and International Keynote speakers for Conference 2018. View all our speakers and session outlines here.



Mike King has for years been known as the iconic Kiwi entertainer, but that role has changed dramatically.

Hon Grant


Grant was appointed Minister of Finance, Minister for Sport and Recreation, and Association Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage.

Hon Kris


Kris was appointed as the Minister for Civil Defence, Commerce and Consumer Affairs as well as the Associate Immigration Minister following results of the 2017 General Election.



All Advisers sell basically the same products to the same people at the same price with similar results. Elite Advisers get away from the crowd. They are different! How can you stand out?



Are you sabotaging your own success? Michael will show you the four simple steps he followed to get back on top and to get whatever you want – starting now.



Hear how Banqer is improving the financial capability of thousands of kids in primary classrooms throughout New Zealand.

Dr Mario


The fact that something is legal doesn’t make it ethical. This might be obvious but it’s simply not! Hear from one of the worlds leading business ethicists who will explore building credibility and trust into the 21st Century.



Over Friday’s breakfast hour, Rebecca will share her perspectives, experiences and commentary regarding the opportunities and issues facing women in financial services



Remember when mobile ate the internet? Robots and Artificial Intelligence are here.



Continuing on from the success of last year, there will be three ‘My Story’ presentations. Hear from some inspirational New Zealander’s who are ready to share their story…



Cam Calkoen dreams of a world where everyone is inspired to embrace their opportunity and our physical being is no barrier to succeeding in our dreams and aspirations. It is dreams that have brought the world to what we see today and our aspirations that will propel it into the future.

My Story

Jane Eschenbach

Jane will share her story of what was learnt from a near miss in 2016 involving a teenage spinal injury with a severe concussion and what was to follow.

My Story

Ralph Stewart

A pleasure to share successes, failures and fantastic times.

My Story

Fred Dodds

Fred will give a “Blast from the Past – and the road to professionalism” in his story – mixed with a good dose of anecdotes and humour this should be fun!

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