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Banqer is an online financial education platform that enables primary-aged children to experience personal finances first-hand in their classroom. Over  52,000 Kiwi kids are currently using our online software .. and earning ‘classroom income’, paying taxes, exploring the property market, enrolling in KiwiSaver and much more!

Children are practicing how to manage their money in a safe environment.  This activity, is a ready-made tool for teachers and directly increases the children’s financial capability in a real and fun way through educational simulation, and importantly – preparing them for the financial world ahead.

One stated Object of Financial Advice New Zealand is to ‘build public awareness and trust in the value of financial advice’.  Where better to start that awareness and trust than in a child’s classroom?  Financial Advice New Zealand is delighted to sponsor Banqer as our Conference Associate.  We encourage our Members to forge links at their local school level to build ‘the reputation of our Members as the leading source of best practice financial advice in New Zealand.’

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