Thu 3 & Fri 4 August 2017

Building a Better Future for Consumers, Advisers and Providers

Primary Audience: 
All Advisers

Recruiting Top Talent for Your Business Future

Cecilia Farrow

Building high-performing adviser teams do not happen by chance. It is vital for any organisation that you employ people with the right attributes that are closely correlated to your business success!

In this workshop, Cecilia will take you through a structured approach to deciding whom to employ. Cecilia will demonstrate a candidate profiling assessment tool that is tailored to the financial sector designed to help get the right people onboard. The workshop will explore the attributes shown to align to high performance and why.

Cecilia will also share a bespoke Human Resource tool using Rubrics which have been created for relevance to the financial services advice sector. The workshop will explore how these support adviser development and performance management – both critical elements to the ongoing challenge of building effective and robust advisory teams that deliver results.

About Cecilia Farrow: Cecilia Farrow, Managing Director, Triple Jump. Cecilia has had more than 20 years in the Life Risk sector and during that time has assisted organisations to develop adviser teams as well as developing a team under the Triplejump license model. In the recognition that there were very limited resources to assist in adviser selection, assessment, recruitment and performance development, Cecilia led a project to build a toolkit of resources purpose built for the financial services sector. The project involved the collaboration of an Industrial Psychologist, an International recruitment firm and an expert in adult learning and the tools have had success in identifying candidates with profiles most likely to lead to high performance.

Cecilia is a past Director of the Institute of Financial Advisers Inc and was a past Chairperson of the Auckland Branch of the IFA.

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