Session 1: Investment & Financial Planning MasterClass

Charles Badenach

Part 1: Building a Financial Practice of the Future – inside your practice
Charles Badenach takes the investment/financial planning masterclass into the world of a modern financial planning practice. Charles brings a wealth of experience and stories to this masterclass and has been recognised with numerous industry awards. Charles first delves down into the ‘why’ of financial planning and the inside of a planning business.

Part 2: Building a Financial Practice of the Future – external resources to build your practice
Following afternoon tea, in the second part of the workshop Charles looks at the external resources to build a sustainable and successful financial planning firm and the view of what success looks like – the clients stories.

About Charles Badenach: As a business we are committed to making a meaningful difference to the quality of our clients personal and financial lifestyles so that they are able to spend more doing what they enjoy. To achieve this we aim to provide clients with professional, personal, accessible and cost effective advice”.

Charles Badenach is a highly qualified award winning financial adviser, author, national speaker and social media enthusiast who has a passion for helping people.  Charles’ primary day to day role is that of a Principal and Private Client Adviser with Main Street Financial Solutions, a boutique fee for service financial advice business based in Tasmania . In this role Charles works with busy professionals, small business owners, retires and charitable foundations to help the make smart decisions about money.  Charles is also a well-recognised speaker who has spoken at numerous conferences both in Australia and overseas.

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