Distinctly Different: Ya Gotta Stand Out

Don Connelly

All Advisers sell basically the same products to the same people at the same price with similar results. Elite Advisers get away from the crowd. They are different! How can you stand out?

Elite Advisers make themselves different by focusing on the added value they bring to a relationship. And it is added value that attracts clients. The average Adviser is caught in a pricing dilemma which is essentially a race to the bottom. Elite Advisers overcome pricing objections by making themselves priceless.

Every prospect has two sets of expectations. They expect the investments to work and they expect the Adviser to care. In too many cases, caring has become a shallow marketing technique. Outstanding Advisers care more than people expect them to care. Secondly, people don’t buy what they don’t understand. Advisers aren’t always aware that the person to whom they are presenting has little or no knowledge of the investment world. When this happens, communication fails. The message doesn’t stick. The takeaway from this plenary session is that clients do not open accounts because of an Adviser’s product knowledge. Clients open accounts because they like the Adviser, trust the Adviser and feel the Adviser’s recommendations are right for themselves and their families.

About Don Connelly: As a speaker, storyteller, motivator and mentor to Advisers, Don Connelly is one of the financial industry’s most notable gurus. His career on Wall Street spans more than 45 years. He has mentored and spoken to tens of thousands of investors and financial services professionals across the U.S. and abroad for the past 25 years. Now as founder and CEO of DonConnelly24/7 Don’s timely and provocative ideas are available to thousands of financial professionals online. He continues to speak to audiences around the world, using compelling and memorable storytelling and anecdotes to educate, entertain, and motivate audiences with his extraordinary flair. So sit back, enjoy and definitely fasten those seat belts!

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