Building Credibility and Trust into the 21st Century for all “advisers”

Dr Mario Postramo

Ethical is Legal but Unethical is not necessarily Unlawful. So we must demand not only legal behaviour but also adherence to high ethical and moral standards. If we are successful our children will most likely inherit a much better business world to do business in!

The fact that something is legal doesn’t make it ethical. This might be obvious but it’s simply not!

Most kinds of lying are perfectly legal, but lying is generally recognised as being unethical. Breaking promises are generally legal but are widely thought of as unethical. Cheating on your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is legal, but unethical, though the rule against it is perhaps more in the breach and so on.

So, if you want to hold that what is legal is also ethical, you’ve got to bite an awful lot of bullets and accept as ethical many behaviours that you very likely don’t want to accept.

About Dr Mario Postramo: Dr Mario Postramo is a remarkable man and is one of Europe’s most erudite authorities on business ethics as well as a highly sought-after business speaker and author.

Very much regarded as a pioneer in the widely unchartered field of international business ethics, Dr Postramo’s recently published book “Building Credibility & Trust into the 21st Century” paints an extraordinarily rich and fascinating multi-disciplinary picture of how international business ethics are rapidly evolving.

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