Technology, jobs and the future. What the workforce will look like in 2020.

Jane McCarroll

Remember when mobile ate the internet? Robots and Artificial Intelligence are here.

There is growing concern about how Artificial Intelligence and robotics will transform jobs and wipe out entire professions. On the contrary, many believe Cognitive computing will help improve business outcomes by expanding human expertise and decision making.

The good news is the future is here and we’re working with AI already. Artificial Intelligence or ‘cognitive computing’ is improving business outcomes by expanding human expertise and improving decision making across industries and professions.

Jane McCarroll will share global forces shaping the future of work, how cognitive solutions are already transforming organisations today, and what steps we can take to harness the unprecedented opportunity this new era of technology presents.

About Jane McCarroll: Jane is highly experienced senior leader with over 15 years developing and driving marketing and digital strategy across publishing, commercial, membership and education based businesses.

Through her communications capability, utter commitment and original turn-of-phrase Jane brings a new slant and a fresh approach to the business environment.

With a bias for action, Jane has extensive experience transforming organisations through digital thought leadership, along with a good sense of humour!

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