Numbers for this session are limited.

Up Close and Personal – A Woman’s Perspective

Rebecca Saggau

Come along for breakfast on Friday for an uplifting start to your day with Rebecca Saggau. In this interactive hour, Rebecca will share her perspectives, experiences and commentary regarding the opportunities and issues facing women in financial services.

Rebecca will have an open discussion on:

  • What aspects of the financial services business are particularly well-suited for women
  • How to apply your skills in your approach and communication with potential and current clients
  • Role models that have been helpful in your career

These will be some initial discussion points for what promises to be an enjoyable and enlightening breakfast hour.

About Rebecca Saggau: Rebecca Saggau is a 27 year veteran of the financial services industry. Specializing in the marketing and distribution of investment management products and services since 1986, she began her financial services career as a Regional Vice President and Mutual Fund Wholesaler for Colonial Funds. (Both Don Connelly & Judi Lloyd were her mentors at Colonial Funds.) After managing territories for Putnam Investments and later, American Capital, in 1992 she became Director of Marketing for Round Hill Securities, an Independent Northern California Bay Area Brokerage Firm. In 2006 she co-founded Don Connelly & Associates LLC as the Managing Partner.

Prior to the financial services industry, Rebecca specialized in management development, employee relations and human performance management as a Human Resource specialist for Rockwell International and later as Founder of Saggau Training and Consulting, a management consulting firm.

One of Rebecca’s great passions is photographing wildlife in Africa and collecting African Art. While living in Northern California she owned and operated an African Art retail store and gallery, J.R. DAVID LLC.

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