The Value of Conversations

Ruth Christie

Are your conversations all talk? Find out how conversations rewire your brain chemistry and how to develop your conversations to achieve better results.

Our conversations help us connect with others: clients, colleagues, team members, friends, family and loved ones.

But are your conversations delivering value? Stanford University research has shown that 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark.  Inefficient conversations cost money, time and energy – but are rarely identified as the root of the problem.

Your ability to effectively harness your conversations is key in strengthening your role as a trusted adviser.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How conversations trigger different parts of the brain and what this means
  • How to create deeper engagement in your conversations
  • How to generate and reinforce trust
  • How to overcome your conversational blind spots

About Ruth Christie: Ruth is an executive/leadership coach and consultant, with an extensive background in leadership, culture and change.

She supports organisations and individuals to improve their leadership capability and create environments that bring the best out of people.

Ruth enjoys using positive psychology and applied neuroscience approaches to implement solutions that are simple, practical and make a difference.

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