Thu 3 & Fri 4 August 2017

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The importance of estate planning: Avoid gaps in your advice!

Bryan Ivamy and Aaron Hing

Advisers are increasingly endeavouring to provide or facilitate a total advice service to their clients. Whether the core service you offer is risk and health protection, financial advice & planning or lending advice, having regard for the security, access and distribution of family wealth is a key consideration.

Like any good plan it is important to have good foundations to ensure the benefits are obtained and used by those they are intended to benefit . Estate planning forms part of those foundations. Good estate planning means ensuring that the right assets end up in the right hands at the right time.

Do you fully consider estate planning in your advice? If not, are you exposing your clients to potential risk through any gaps in your advice? Learn from the experts on the best practice for estate planning in this session, and help you identify where gaps might be, so you can provide guidance to your clients.

About Bryan Ivamy: Bryan is the National Relationships Training Manager for Perpetual Guardian and has worked in the trustee industry for 30 years. During this time, he has acquired a wealth of experience dealing with both estate management and planning and now spends his time training industry professionals on estate planning essentials. He is a member of the Estate and Tax Planning Council of New Zealand and the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountant’s Trust Special Interest group.

About Aaron Hing: Aaron is a Business Development Manager with Perpetual Guardian and has a 25-year background in financial services. He has also held Head of Advice roles with large financial planning firms in NZ. He has authored two books on financial management and has been a regular media commentator on planning and investment issues. Aaron has developed and led nationwide advice-based teams and has held primary responsibilities for governance and high net worth client management. He is an experienced presenter on financial issues and has developed the skill set of being able to effectively communicate complex concepts to a wide audience.

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