Thu 3 & Fri 4 August 2017

Building a Better Future for Consumers, Advisers and Providers

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Risk Advisers

Current Trends – Future Impacts

Expert Panel

How are the lifestyles of Kiwis changing? What are the current and projected trends? And how will these impact insurance underwriting, your advice to clients and your business?

Society changes. Lifestyles change. Science keeps getting better at predicting the causal relationship between one thing and another. And in the world of insurance, how we live our lives filters down into data to predict risk factors and to project trends, which ultimately influences product changes, developments and accessibility considerations (and potentially issues) for clients.

Join our panel of Actuarial experts, facilitated by Dr Michael Naylor, to hear about global medical trends and how these may influence insurance options, accessibility and eligibility for your clients in the short term and in the future. Take a look at the macro issues and trends and consider how these may shape the direction of your advice business. And of course, come away with expert knowledge on the key trends and the relationship between these and the advice you give to clients.

About Dr Michael Naylor: Dr Michael Naylor is a Senior Lecturer at Massey University. He has taught financial and insurance advisers for 25 years, both in NZ and in Asia. He plays an active part in the NZ insurance community, is a frequent media commentator, and led Massey’s Financial Planning and Insurance programs for many years. He has recently published a book on the looming threat of future technological disruptions to Insurance.

Ben Coulter

Ben Coulter is a Director in the PwC actuarial team and specialises in providing advice to insurance clients. He has over 15 years experience working in or with insurance companies, including 11 years at Sovereign in pricing, product development and capital management roles. With a degree in biochemistry, he has a keen interest in how technological and scientific advances may affect the life and health insurance industry. He is connected with insurance experts across the PwC global network and will discuss how a number of emerging global trends may affect the industry in the future.

Bartosz Piwcewicz

Bartosz is the Chief Actuary at Sovereign where he leads the actuarial function. Prior to joining Sovereign in 2015, Bartosz led the insurance practice at Quantium, Australia’s leading analytics consultancy.

Bartosz has over 15 years of experience gained in corporate and consulting roles across Australia and New Zealand. He is passionate about leveraging learnings from different industries and advances in technology and science to transform the insurance industry, respond to emerging challenges and ultimately drive better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Bernard Seeto

Bernard Seeto is an experienced business technology leader. His roles have included Head of solution delivery, Head of architecture, Strategy and planning, and an Agile coach. He has worked in Financial Services, General Insurance, Telecommunications and Media industries. He has published / contributed to numerous articles in and a case study in Gartner.

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